Schleter Consulting

iOS Applications

December, 2009 - on a whim I decided to teach myself how to create an app for the iPhone/iPod. The app store craze had just started and I've alwayds enjoyed learning new technologies. It was a difficult process, but I was able to learn enough to create a complete app. I had chosen to create a stopwatch app because the built-in stopwatch was rather limited and I wanted one that logged detailed data so I could use it for my daughter's upcoming track season. Once I completed the app I decided to test the waters of the app store, hoping to sell enough to cover the $100 yearly registration fee. Amazingly, the app has sold over 15,000 copies in two years, and continues at a modest pace of about 10 per week. Here is a link to Apple's App Store for the creatively named StopWatch 1 app.


Web Applications

Occasionaly I take on something outside of my normal job. Normal web site design really doesn't interest me - I much prefer the challanges of programming web applications. Here are some examples of work I've done in the past.

  • Treasures & Trifles on-line store - a long time ago - perl based shopping web site.
  • Technology 2020 Security Camera System - PC app and web interface for capturing security camera images. Used motion detection and image differences for minimizing storage requirements.
  • Developed a 3D CAD Assembly Model an up-armored Humvee for The O'Gara Group.
  • Karns Girls Soccer - web site for daughter's high school soccer team
  • Online calculator for Masonry Block Wall Design - web form utilizing Javascript for all calculations and results.
  • Hazen Lab - ported and updated an existing site. Added PHP based formatting and a custom routine that automaticlly extracted publication references from EndNote.